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Album Review: OASIS (Dig Out Your Soul)

21 Feb

Nice opening by ‘The Shock of The Lightning’, strong and firm rythm (as almost brit band has this criteria) and the riff are so head-shaking. I heard this song first time on the new Jaguar commercial a few months ago as a theme song, fits perfectly, nice power, btw, I don’t even listen to the lyric carefully (I listen to it three times in a row), fooled by the rythm.

“I’m Outta Time” opened by nice minor melody, I can imagine what’s this song all about. I got the lyric by listening now. At the bridge I can feel the upscale of power, indicates the enter of superlative reff, which is not there, the bridge is the reff, a lil bit dissappointment. “you know it’s getting hard to fly” damn right as the effect of aging. To go where you belong and I’m outta time in sequence depicts the sadness of the song. Strong identityof the song.

High Horse Lady, again opened by strong rythm, however, it’s more traditional. Firm identity of british dance pictured in the back of my eyes, the weird part is, some blues scale that in a weird way fits in perfectly to the song. Yeaahh!!! It shakes my body, if anyone wants to shake the crowd, this is the right song. Get up you horse lady, ‘I don’t need a ride tonight’ means the ego of a independent man clouds the thinking of our species.

Falling Down, this song has something that I like most, the sound of acoustic guitar. I heard the wet long reverb which is usually only we got from the live music. Again, compilation within the strong tempo with dark melody of brit, anddd a lil bit middle east melody as the interlude. “Please don’t waste my time” pictures another side of assertivity in the song.

It’s an indian instrumen at the beginning of “To Be Where There’s Life” and upscaling immediately at the end of first verse, They don’t wanna wait for you to shake your body, the song of outta patience. “Let me save you” Owwh..this album is so masculine. The showoff agent of Men gender old paradigm.

Nice opening by the eldritch sound of guitar drive, epiphone I guess, which is outta Brit main stream honking guitar sound. One more time, outta patience to get in to tha part where audiences waitin for. Short song, my opinion is it’d be great to be situated at the end of the album.

Rock n Rooooollll for the next song, “The Nature of Reality”, another song about life. Beautiful distortion in a great riff, hopefully this will be at the guitar hero’s list, for the amateur like me maybe. Wooahh…a melody, catchy sequenced by another peculiar style of Oasis, sharp vocal and reverb.

“Soldier On” intro communicate the dark side of Oasis. Reverb and shadowing in a sharp vocal and a careful strummed guitar in a stable tempo make this song a lil bit boring, let’s just skip it.

“Bag It Up” brings us back to the rock n roll era, followed by the genius minor riff at the end of riff, anndd bridge also. The lyric is about the greed of human. Which burns us to hell. “Someone tell me I’m dreaming” depicts the opposite way, it takes subjective point of view to understand this, let the song bring your understanding yourselves. Owh, another phrygian scale at the closing part of the song.

Now, “The Turning” introed by powerful hit on the drum, followed by the smooth sound of piano. Nice song to ride along the city in the weekend by yourself in the car, shaking yourhead like a crazy. Another intellegence creature of Oasis imaging the negative disclosure and changing theme in a big scale of life. I love the melody, the peak point, lift the song to another level of tactile sensation.

“Waitin for The Rapture” woohooo…this album is sooo rock n roolll…Masculine, and the impatience of waiting. I’m wondering this is the mirror of stressful situation in every band’s personal life. Strong drive in a bridge followed by “i’m dyyyiiing”. That’s the closing of the album. A lil bit bitterer to catch as I can hear the desperation of waiting, impatience and arrogancy of men in almost every single compared to the previous album. My favorite, “The Shock of The Lightning”, “Ain’t Got NOthin” and “The Turning”.


The thing versus people

19 Feb

Let me highlight the point of people versus thing in this lecture. I like that so much, since almost everyday we see people appreciate their things more than the value of people. Some people just don’t see the value of birthday present, the value of giving to stranger, the value of being honest when the waiter gives you the price below something you should pay. Lets see from the point of transactional theory, the cost that we invest in people will be return in a way or another in a form of trust, confidence, altruism, karma. You cannot go beyond yourself untill you do something for giving instead of solely achieving, at least that what I feel. That what I felt when I met her, untill now.

W@ abouut…You’ll realize that you’re wrong??? Realize the cognitive illusion

17 Feb

I like the example of the economist. they made it intentionally I guess.

When he said even expert are making the same mistakes, exhibited by cognitive illusion that exists within us, I realize that it has something to do with the cognitive skills transferability. In some cases, even psychology student can’t realize what is the use of conditioning theory in the realm world. How can they make the theory of motivation work, or even what are they supposed to do eith the theory of emotional Intellegence and apply it to the real use in life.

Nicely presented. Thanks Mr. Ariely

unfortunate focus!

17 Feb

We r The World, video for Haiti

16 Feb


Billie Jean in guitar..(Adam Raffer)!!!

13 Feb

Billie Jeans’s best version ever