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3 Mar

First, I’m accepted as interns in Leaderonomics, Thanks to my Boss, Adzfar Aziz for bringing me in. This is the new opportunity and challenge for me to prove myself to the world.

My first Job is to compile some article published in The Star, some newspaper, in Malay written by our big boss, Roshan. He’s a stellar.

I read some of his writing. This line draws my attention:

When memories exceed dreams, the end is near.

Our memory are based our experiences in the past, the feeling, chronological sequence details. Everything that happened in the past, are forming the way we see ourselves. The success and failures, sad and happiness, fly and fall, anything. However I still believe the point of view that our personality are inherited. However, there’s nothing but persistence that makes one a stellar, nothing more.

Our dreams is what are we going to achieve in the future, what do we want to see ourselves as in the next ten, fifteen, or fifty years. To be honest, when I was asked what I wanna be in the future, I’m a bit confused, since I don’t have so many dreams. However, it stretches me to think about it deeper. This is my vision, to make this world a better place to live, in my own way.

As I said in the prior post, we need to moving and create the war to get out of our situation. I don’t mean a literal war for sure (damn, I hate war!!). What I mean is we need to keep trying instead of being default. No musician are famous for being silent, they scream, whisper, and tell the world the reality in their own way. Every success starts from a dream, struggle, and execution. When we stuck in the past, I don’t mean just in regret, but also pride, we clog our way to keep moving.

The world’s keep changing, why don’t we make ourselves as the trigger of the change?

“People are awarded for what they gave to the world, not for what they receive.” (Anonymous)

When memories exceed dreams, the end is near.