92 Videos’ Lesson: Arcane Solutions Internship

31 Mar

First, I went there without strong reference about Arcane Solutions, for you guys and gals that are going to get an interview, please, do your homework! I was just lucky. I accepted, and I did it for three and a half months.

Got several works and responsibilities out there, many actually. Lesson two: do not expose your skills and knowledge too much in the interview. It’s good to sell yourself, but not that good if you wanted to lay back in your work.

OK, here’s the kicker, I got to compress 92 raw material of videos to one presentable videos, in three days. You’re gonna have to check the raw materials, choose the goods, arrange it, cut and clean it up, plug in the appropriate song, check the timing of the beats, and render it up! I couldn’t choose the storyline, I couldn’t just edit and plug in the song, and i couldn’t direct the cameramen, since it was all done already.

The lesson: 1st, It’s exhausting for sure, biase. 2nd, it’s inspiring: maybe you don’t know the background, but my boss and his boss were doing their things too, they were staying up late, more than me. OK, I’m not a hard-worker, I admit that, that’s why I respect the way they do their job. Additionally, please notice that they’re only two years (my boss) and four years (big boss) older than me. So it’s not an age gap, it’s experiences gap. We need someone as our examples, to inspire (by their action), to drown us in the culture.  Third: it’s fun, and I love doing it.

OK, let’s jump. I just finished it all today: the internship. It’s been an awesome time, I really have nothing to complain about, especially bout the relationship and the environment. It was just the work: research, I’m not really into it.

Next to-do list:

1. Let’s see, maybe writing “30 seconds reading” at the blogspot

2. Do more music videos, and try get more live concerts

3. Try to write more songs

4. Ask around about the project paper, and keep the momentum on

5. Contemplate about the theme on project paper

6. Finishing the prospectus for Arcane Solutions

7. Helping the next intern to grasp the direction and close any holes I left at the paper

Hmm, that’s all for now. After I see it, quite a lot..hhahhaa, what the heck, I’ll do what I like to do!

Again, Alvin Shah and Sharma Lachu, you guys my best bosses ever!



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