Chapter 5: Strength Develop Best in the Framework of Mission

7 Apr

Actually this is my job to summarize this book written by Clifton and Nelson called “Soar With Your Strength” for my group exam’s discussion tomorrow, which I don’t know whether will I able to come or not due to the time. However, here it is:

I like this chapter, since it’s actually wringing around the same theme as the two previous posts on my blogspot (check out Nature (N) Nurture on the blogroll). It was opened by the story of Mary Kay Ash the queen of cosmetic empire (can anyone tell me which empire? I don’t know, and too lazy to search now). That it was actually driven by her dissatisfaction over the compensation system at her previous workplace that was so gender bias towards men.

On the “The Nature of Mission” they explained that mission is a powerful quality that provides the theater for strength to perform. It is so powerful that it overlaps the importance of the worldly compensation one expects. It is not about the money, nor about the fame or power, but it is about spiritual virtues, it is about the antidote of selfishness, it is altruistic.

All must be careful, mostly on the things we read, mission statement only exists at the organizational level or famous leaders around us. Hell no, many of the top performers I know, and based on the research,  are having their personal mission. They were driven and energized by it, I have heard the same quotes which I forgot who it came from that mission (or the feel of purpose) energize the action, or else, the action will be empty and will not make any further than just get it done.

Another point: though mission seems like a spiritual avenue, it can have an impact on worldly matters. OK OK, nothing’s more, not that interesting for me, you can crave for example yourself. The point is, go over quality before we quantify the result of our business venture or personal goal.

The next point is a bit interesting, they differentiate between goals and missions. Goals defined as the steps on mission achievements. Mission has eternal quality while goals are  time bound (when it’s reached, it dies and replaced by others). Goals may be about numbers, however we never satisfy the numbers, human are meant to be resilient on pursuing their satisfaction, and I do believe that it is planted in all of us that we are made to be compassionate towards others.

This is the statements to be reflected to define our mission:

1. What is it that you believe you do that makes a difference to other people and mankind?

Put aside all the worries about logic, grammar, and its spelling. After that, do these:

1. It should be simple enough to be remembered and frequently reflected upon

2. it doesn’t need to be the actual action plan, it provides guides, not goals

3. Everyone in the organization should have the same basic commonalities on its virtue

4. Missions are allowed to grow

5, It will be an advantage to have a work that serves our own personal mission, but not everyone actually are that lucky.

Mission statements can grow out of a strong sense of responsibility or a strong sense of rage, we call the last one as displacement (it’s in one of the article dr.Mohan posted in our class’ forum). OK, understandable, I’m too lazy to elaborate on that.

Next point: talk about your mission whenever you get a chance, hmm, it’s just the same to keep ur target on your face, keep FOCUS! And I do believe too, that once you keep talking about it, you disseminate the words, and you’ll get bored by yourself, eventually you’ll find some other creative way to make other understand about your mission.  Owh, one more, you’ll get feedbacks, and it’s always good whether it’s good or bad review.

The last pages talk about mission actually gives purpose to life, it adds meaning, it’s pure, and it’s the deepest felt explanation that touches heart instead of head of why we do what we do. It gives several examples such Martin Luther King Jr. that said “I have a dream, I have a dream”, that captured the imagination of millions people’s heart and printed in the history of the world. It is one of the essential ingredients of excellence.


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