Project Paper Kickstarts!

13 Apr

OK, here are the questions I need to answer.

1st: what am I interested in?

Hmm, tons of things. I’m interested in human basically, that’s exactly why I took psychology (plus knowing myself better too). I’m interested into their behaviors, their thinking, and trying to understand the relation of those towards their behaviors, this still ongoing process, till the day I die I think. The next thing is, I’m interested in art: graphic design, paintings, architectures, logos, visual communication, ermh: music too, this one is a bit particular, I’m more interested on fusion, blues, jazz and rock and roll, other genres are for enriching my reference. Lets make things narrower, I’m interested in expert, in peak performers, how they reached their level of expertise, what were the price? how hard the process were? and what did they feel once they arrived at their achievement? So, what about peak performers in music? But how to reach them? I need to find and define peak performers first however. Or, how to unleash the potential in yourself? without sacrificing any investment we have made before?

2nd: what are my resources?

I have tons of reading materials, the problem is, how to sort them? Journals, books, videos, i can get it from library for sure. Connection, I got people from my class, which I can contact in their class (before the class started I think). Another contact is for companies (if I’m targeting them), I got several though, not many, but supposed to be enough (the permission process will be complicated). The easiest way, dont need to get a primary data, just sort the reading materials. In order to compensate that, the reading material has to be unique, strong in a sense of theoretical base, and concrete findings. Hopefully it can be significant enough for the development of managerial psychology.

Hmm, I got connection to the local art communities, underground music community especially. For new local talent to show their potential. If I’m into music performances, this will be great resource to tap into.

3rd: What is the time frame

Three months, start from May.

4th: What is the significant for other people?

I dont know yet, it’s still at the searching stage. I’ll edit this once I fix my mind in one theme.

5th: What are my experiences

I got experience in setting a research from the beginning, from my undergrad final project. I got experience in e-marketing (which I dont really like), in HR (too procedural, bad experience, especially in the leadership), and commercial research (complicated, and takes time. Including setting up interviews). Out of those formal experience,  I got musical skills and several experience being on stage (including local underground scenes), I got experience in working on a program (undergrad induction program) and made it happen. I got bad experience with media before (undergrad uni media), and several failed relationships, hhaha, yeah, it could be useful, who knows?

6th: How to connect them together?

I need to complete the pictures first, before figuring out how to connect them together in a form of research questions.



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