The Search #1 (Imagery)

19 Apr

Imagery is defined as mental ability to re-create or create intended experience in one mind. This skill is used to enhance the performance of sport performers. Research indicates, when one’s engaged in imagery, brain interprets these images as identical to the actual stimulus situation. The power of imagery allows athletes to practice their physical tactics and strategy in their mind, and improve their performance without being involved in physical competitive environment.

The question is, if this mental skill is related to sport, what is the probability of using this mental rehearsal to skills that are related to managerial psychology? To business? To organizational behavior? Mostly the things that I studied in Managerial psychology are related to critical thinking, creative thinking, finding solutions, using analytical tools, understanding the logic behind the theories, and compare it to the reality, subtle things instead of physical exercises.

OK, maybe not around things that I study, what about around things that I’m interested in? Photography, music, design?

I think it will be great to find the similarity within things that I’m interested in and things that I have studied. There must be certain traits, attitudes, ethos (schema), and skills that are related to one another. What about reading skills? recently i realize that I have just a medium level of reading speed, and sometimes I have to go back and forth in my reading in order to understand what am i reading, it’s a skill though, that will probably useful for comprehending information.

Speaking skills sound interesting also, as research said, most people are afraid to do public speaking. Well, me too, especially when I have to do it not in my mother tongue, and in front of the people that I think will be able to jeopardize my future. It is not an easy job, even when we have rehearsed the speech many times before. Things can go beyond control, and nervousness will take control of ourselves, right?

Other things? What about in relationship? Or in leadership? I just read one article in HBR, interesting, the third point: the ability to turn enemies into allies, from competitive to cooperative. Creating a win win solutions, instead of stuck into sub-zero activities. The sample was forced to understand the one so-called ‘enemy’ since she was sat next to him on the place and eventually it turned out to be good for both party. It was suggesting more proactive approach to do this transformation.

So: imagery in reading? speaking? or turning enemies into allies? The last one was a bit abroad, and probably my consultancy tomorrow will bring a bright light for the project paper direction. Well, If I had to do some experiment, and putting people into the imagery training, I dont think I wanna do it, it takes time and money, I’m sure three months wont be enough unless I got a team on it.

Well, my imagery aint about playing flying-v I think, more to Strato or DC-3..hhahahaha!!!



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