The Search #2 (Social Media Effect)

20 Apr

I used to be involved in building e-marketing material. Which I didn’t really like, somehow it didn’t feel like real marketing effort, and I doubt the power of it. I saw the statistic, well, tons of companies out there are also reaching out their consumers throughout the same new media though. And to build one site, if u’r not really differentiate yourself, aint an easy thing. The fact, I’ve been trying to sell my recording stuff, and it aint sold until this post written.

One interesting research that I saw today, from dating site. That people who are regularly twitting are having less longer relationship compared to ‘other’ people. There was no hypothesis made and further research to empirically prove it. There is no evident, whether ‘twittari’ are more annoying, or they’re just more flighty than everybody else. Is this due to the shift of trust? Or They just got lots of misleading information through twitter and follow it? Or they just more enjoying their time looking at the timeline instead of going out and talk with family and friends?

Interesting, maybe I can relate this topic to my project paper. The research could be done through the same platform: twitter and facebook, or maybe blogs.


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