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The Search #4 (Finale: The Psychological Characteristic of Peak Performance on Musicians)

5 May

Eventually, I found it. That will be the title of my final project paper, and hopefully it will help me to understand better about the world, the world about creative minds, the world about the immersion of thinking and feeling into the unity of lyrics, sounds, and progressions, the world of music.

I thought i would just dig in the imagery process in musicians, however, it’s gonna be hard for subjects to understands my questions later if I had to interview them, however, I’m afraid it’s gonna be too restricting for me to enlarge and compose more writing and reach more than 8000 words.

There are several problems:

1. How am i supposed to define elite musicians? and compare it to the novice? Will it be by the skills? If so, how do I know, do I have to go to music school and ask them to suggest some for me? Or will it be by the accomplishment they have made, like albums released, or the number of RBT sold, or the number  and level of concerts in a month?

2. There are only a little numbers of references in psychology of peak performance on music in the resource that I can get access from. I have several journals on my reference that should be able to retrieved right after, but where the access? Can I use other resources such popular news? Rolling Stone interviews? Youtube videos? New paradigm of research should be able to embrace the development of media and technology right?

3. I haven’t met my  lecture and I clicked the subject already, which means I only have less than three months in order to finish this project.

Well, Steve (Aerosmith) said that we should take risks, true, there’s no advancement without any movement, and risks are inherited in every movement we’ve made. We’ll never hit a target if we don’t shoot at all right? Marthin Luther King Jr. also said that we need to move, being idle wont give us anything. Here I am, moving and taking risks in the realm of unknown and uncertainty.

Seeing is believing, think positively!