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30 Jun

I’m going to do the trip from KL to Perlis on bike, by my own. Many asked why Perlis, to be honest, I dont know myself either. What I do believe is, there are times that people have to believe to their inner calling, well, without annihilating the use of mind rationalisation for sure. I got the history of following mine for a couple of times, if this time it came for a big shot, I’ll just believe in it and the mercy of Allah.

What I’m thinking about this trip is to understand more about Malaysian people. Unlike Indonesia, there are races here, and sadly it’s written on their ID, it affects their educational chance, let alone work seats. Another thing is, Chinese and Indians, without losing respect to Melayu people, are the owner of known ancient wisdom. This is why I think where the chance to do good to my own life, to have more fulfilling life, with inner peace, and out of the hectic of worldly pace of life.

However, I’m addressing something more than just racial discrimination. It’s self discrimination, how could you be discriminative to your own self? Have you ever say sumthing like ‘i’m too skinny for this’, or ‘I’m too young to receive that amount of responsibility’, or even maybe ‘I’m a man, so I dont cook’. You know what, that’s exactly what I call self discrimination, our believe is limiting ourselves to get out of the boundary and reach out to our true potential, or dharma in sanskrit. Marthin Luther King Jr, retold it in a very straight forward way that ‘the only person who are standing in our way, is ourselves’.

So, people, enjoy your journey of life, be happy, and wish me luck! I will not discriminating myself to say that I’m not an athlete nor trained to be tour cyclist to do this trip. So if you see a skinny guy, with black or white wayfearer, grey helmet, and fair hairy leg, and black bag that would be me, so dont hesitate to say Hii Niqiiii!!!!


First Draft: Done!!!

7 Jun

One month and ten minutes. Eventually, days after days, waking up untill 3-4 o’clock in the morning, doing these papers (not THAT doing!), compiling it up, paraphrasing, analyzing, trying to make connections, and the most boring job on earth: REFERENCING!!! finally done! I feel relieved. Is it satisfying? for the first hours, yes, but now? I don’t really know what I’m gonna do. And I know, research is not my strength, my ass is not meant to be seated in front of laptop or any machines all day long, and get some money from that.

One said, that greatest dreamer’s dreams never fulfilled, it’s always transcended, it never stops. It’s never ending pursuit, rooted from the thirst of a better life, not for himself, but to see his basic loftier ambition of leaving a good legacy for other human being. For the people he loves, family, friends, and community.

I did one thing anyway, after I’ve done my first draft, which made me feel good for any longer than that one month and ten minutes of struggle, this: Seashore!

For now on, Fete de La Musique is around the corner, gotta be prepared for that. I’m thinking of using the dubstep to cover my rythm section since we dont have any drummer for any moment, much limitations on that I realized, indeed. For the end of this week, DiGi leaps coming. And right after 19th (FDLM 2011), is the time to go to meet the challenge!

I’m planning to go to Perlis, on foot, or maybe on bicycle. Lets see if I can get any lender. The mission is to understand the real culture of Malaysia during the trip, to enter the realm of South East Asian wisdom, Chinese, Indians, and Melayu are here, what can I expect more? To alleviate the discriminations (what kind of moron who are still discriminative nowadays, we’re not living in the traditional monarch world anymore. To strengthen Indonesia-Malaysia relationship. Preparation: GPS (which is tested to be not too accurate), reading materials, camera (maybe I’ll post some vlog on youtube during the trip), some clothes, toiletries and a laptop.