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Why Mom (A Monologue)

29 Aug

Can u stop screaming at me Mom! I’m really tired and sick of listening to it. You asked me to keep silent and not to answer and challenge you, but you asked me for answers! You asked me answers of why did I do those things, but you never actually gave me time to speak out my mind! What the hell actually do you want from me?

You want me to be honest? Can’t you remember when there’s a beggar in front of our door and you asked me to tell him that you’re not home? Aint that a lie? I may be young, but I know what consistency means, teachers in my school teach me bout that when God creates gravity. He is consistent! Freaking consistent!

You want me to be respectful to you? Have you ever heard yourself when you scream at me? Do you think you respect me as your son? Have you ever stopped telling me what to do and never let me know why I should listen to you other than just ‘COZ I’M UR MOM, I BROUGHT YOU TO THIS LIFE!’ I hope you can be more creative than that Mom.

You asked me to keep learning, I just really hope that I can tell you proudly what I have learnt outside there, about physics, biology, about how different and rich the world out there. I just want you to appreciate me, but do you realise that you have no time for me but to complain that I kept asking you for your money and you’re so afraid that you will not have more for you to buy your shoe.

Listen Mom, I’m gonna stop there. Thank you for the nine months, thank you for the food you gave me, thank you for all the love you gave me when I was a child, not a teenager like now. Thank you for all the time you kept me at home with warmth and protection.

From now on, let me be myself, I think I like music, I wanna play drum, it looks cool and powerful you know! I think I’m starting to like girls too, don’t worry, I know they can be pregnant, and I know their heart are not made from glass. My friends’ say drugs are fun, but don’t worry, I’ve read all the facts, and you have raised a smart son.

From now on, I’ll be a mature man, knowing that you did your best based on your knowledge and stop whining ‘why mom’.