How mad we are…

21 Sep

Every single of us, falls on the spectrum of insanity in which we have a lil bit madness… Some of us are obsessed with drugs, sex, controls, foods, games, relationships, security, you name it. Others are banging their heads on the wall, some other close their eyes on the trance-music and got high just in the snap of fingers.

We all have our own dark side, none of us have the right to say that we are the right human being for other to be followed and inspired of. We put our ‘moral’ mask when we go out of our door to be accepted by our societies, wherever we are. We put the walls around us to avoid being observed by the police of moral that will judge us by our appearance, the way we walk, the way we talk, or even fire that comes trough our eyes, no matter how saturated or vivid it is.

Life is a miracle and a mystery at the same time. You’ll never know what’s inside the head of your loved ones, you can never judge the farmer of yourself until their slaughter you and at that time, it’s already too late to avoid the devastation that happened, name it physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

So maybe this is the time for us to appreciate the silent and stillness, to think peacefully of where we are, where are we going, who are our true friends on the thin and thick, or maybe just to savor the element of silent and stillness that is referred as oasis in this frenetic pace of our world today.


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