13 Apr

Tonight I heard a comment from my girlfriend in the middle of our conversation that “I’m not matured yet”. My mind suddenly uttered something that I didn’t really think before with “It’s our decision to make, not time…just like praying or fasting, we may not like to do it, indeed we decide to do it”. To be honest, it was not the first time I heard such saying “I’m not matured yet”, “I want to enjoy my young age”, “This is my time to have fun”.

What I’m saying is there is nothing wrong with having fun, I encourage it to be involved in whatever we are doing instead. The problem occurs when “fun” becomes the end, and we attached to it. We are all responsible for whatever we are doing, even to the deepest level of thinking. What we enjoy as fun, could be a suffering for someone else, as what usually lame joke does and could be a problematic end to ourselves indeed.

Then what maturity is? Personally for me, it is not just to do more right things, it is the bravery and honesty to admit that many times we are being wrong and not to fall to the same pit twice. Matured parents are able to admit that their kids might have better information about things, matured couple are able to see relationship matters clearly without the feeling of unfair judgements, matured teachers are able to improve their teaching skills by letting students surprise them with what they got. Being wrong has no feeling, realizing that we were wrong has, and it takes maturity to get through that feeling with a winner mentality and see the problem as pure as it is.

Some of you might think that this has something to do with Grand Unified Theory of physics. Yes, you are correct. We are responsible for our thinking as it might be polluting the waves within our environment. Thus we need to be aware and guard what it is doing time to time. We need to stop and take a step back of our life, analyze, realize, decide to correct the things we have done wrong, and grateful for things we do right. If we feel we are heading to the wrong direction, admit it, and make a strong commitment to correct it, and the world will help. If we feel we are heading to the right direction, ask for more support as the Unmanifested is always in ourselves, listening.


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