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Proud to work now!

30 Aug

My boss is not here for a moment… shhtt!!! Hhaha, I’ve done my flowchart anyway. Arrghh… haven’t set any meeting with JTK (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) and JIM (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) for next week!!! Couldn’t get through their phone.. hufthh… Still waiting for Franco from his meeting, maybe on Tuesday. OK, confirmed.

Working in a big multinational company feels different. I used to work at small comnpanies, or subsidiary of a local company before. The challenges are different. This time my boss won’t let me fall asleep bored of the day, she keeps pushing instead, follow ups are at least twice a day.

Furthermore, I’m proud to be here. First job is to make a proposal reducing our working hours, done and cleared. The presentation should be around next month. Another one is to help her to recruit Indonesian as elevator installer, as the pool is smaller here [Indonesia has more than 250 Mill of people, of course we have a bigger pool, doesn’t mean a better one though].

It is the challenges, the push from my boss [straight reporting to Director], and of course the money that lured me further in, strengthen my committment to ensure I gain my knowledge, skill, and attitude capital. This boss from the beginning stated that I’m not here to be a clerk, entrying data, but to push myself further through challenging works.

People say we live in dualism, we need to see poor to claim what rich is, need to understand pain to appreciate pleasure, and need to experience evil to comprehend angel. Lemme tell you, the previous working experience, working 11 hours per day – 6 days a week was totally hell. As soon as my director said during interview that the working hour is about 9 hours per day, I felt relieve. Crunching my brain for 9 days, sitting in front of computer, talk to people, not a big deal. The problem is, there’s no such thing for your brain to get a long break.. “keep asking ‘what’s next’ to get this work done” is my boss’ punch line.

It’s like a pathlight now.. The paved way is visible, the direction is clear, but what are laid ahead.. mystery or miracle.. are within the unknown. Oh what the heck.. There is no use to worry too much about the future as the fear of something is always worse than the thing itself.. Those who failed to plan, plan to fail… Stay focus on necessary action.. and leave the world better than we found it.

Ciao…. 😀