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The Questions #6

22 Oct

Several days ago I interviewed a fresh graduate from local university around Balikpapan. He was young but yet seemed to be unsettled. So there I was, facing an experienced freshy. It’s OK to be unexperienced, but unprepared? Or maybe he never asked himself what to prepare before an interview.

I asked “how do you see yourself in ten years?” and I was expecting an answer to be as vivid as possible. That question was, and is still so important to know where are these guys going, what are their ambition thus what can my Company do to help them in that way. And he was just kept silent and smile… WRONG!

To know where do we want to go is one way to reach our success, it leads our energy, time, thoughts, effort, and focus to a line that brings us to the light at the end of the tunnel. “If you don’t know where you’re goin, any way will take you there” remember? or it should be rephrase as “…will take you NO where.”

So, here are some questions:

1. How do I see myself in ten years? (Make it as detailed as possible, the things you have, how do you look, where are you going to be, what are you going to do, play it real)

2. What are the things that I do that I enjoy the most? And others have appreciated me doing it too.

3. What are the small steps that I can take day to day to sharpen my craft?



The Questions #5

17 Oct

Have you sat at the bus stop, then one stranger who was accidentally sitting next to you asked “hey, the bus’s late again huh?” The conversation continuous till it comes (and it always comes to) “what do you do for a living?” It seems like a common sense that who we are defined by what we do to pay the bills.

Let’s talk about self knowledge today, how far actually do we know about ourselves? Are we mere names? Are we actually the degree we have spent our money into? Or are we the job we are doing now? Really?

Here are some of few questions that may help us to take the journey inside, to the self knowledge:

1. What is my role to the world?

2. Have I really challenged myself to know and accept my limit?

3. What are the things that I do not know?

The Questions #4

14 Oct

It’s the celebration of sacrifice tomorrow, where Moslems will do the prayer in the morning at most mosques and fields or any open spaces, then they will their sacrifice slaughter of cattle and sheep as the symbol of their devotion to the sacrifice of their spiritual predecessors, the messenger, the father of The Book People, Abraham.

Thus, in the spirit of sacrifice and self-devotion:

1. Have we been sincere about giving our best craft to others?

2. Do we value things more than people?

3. What are the deeds we are going to do to day as if all will prevail and success as blessed by God?

The Questions #3

11 Oct

How did you go on yesterday’s questions? Feeling any better? Yesterday’s question was actually based on happiness theory, that if you can grab happiness here and now, the decision is yours. Based on Anik’s work on HBR (Anik, L. and friends, HBS. 2012) that the more you give the happier you are. The more you’re being grateful of what you have the happier you are, and the more you learn the more you feel better about yourself (that you don’t lose your ability to learn yet of course).

For today let’s dig more about learning and self-development.

1. What can I improve about my craft today? How to get better, faster, bigger, more unique, more accurate, etc,.?

2. What information can I teach to others that improves their life?

3. Have I been humble enough to believe that I can learn at least one thing from everyone?

The Questions #2

10 Oct

So how was yesterday, how did you show your love? How did you encourage others? What did you remember about yesterday?

Maybe you start asking why do we really have to ask those question to ourselves. Life is just too short not to show the first question on our list. Many people have regretted their last meeting to the people they love simply because of that. I understand that we are only human, we make mistakes, we are over our limit, we are raging sometimes. However, please remember that we love those people and we simply do not know everything they are thinking.

As we love people, we want them to do more good than harm to ourselves and others. Admit it, nobody wants to be the real bad guy, the motives are always lie behind economical –> family. Not to forget there is some personal glory, but hey do you want to be remember as a dad that sold drugs? Do you want to be remembered as a friend that lurk other to the dark valley? Do you want to be on the newspaper with your hand cuffed and head down? As we do more encouragement to others to do good, we actually remind ourselves to do the same.

I have read once that good memories are created. We plan for it, it doesn’t just happened like that. Simply do our part. I was planning my weekend with my girlfriend about a year ago. She took an effort to create a good memory by cooking at the house, I remember the food, I remember the warmth feeling at that moment, and I love her for her creativity. Remember, it only take us a short moments of our life to do the planning, to think of something different, to create memories. Try and see the effect on others.

OK, here is the second batch:

1. What do I appreciate about my life this morning?

2. What can I do to give some hope to others today?

3. How can I learn from others today?


The Questions #1

9 Oct

I’ve been thinking that all this while my effort of applying for jobs at the neighbored Country doesn’t seem to be fruitful.  This, in fact is another way for me to get there.

I once told my friend that many times, problem occurred not because we could not get the solution, it simply because we were asking the wrong question. That friend asked again, what was the question? I said that it depends on the situation you are in.

So, here are a few question you can ask yourself this morning (retrieved from Ogilvy):

1. How can I show my love to those I love?

2. How can I encourage myself and others today?

3. What would I like to remember about today?