The Questions #6

22 Oct

Several days ago I interviewed a fresh graduate from local university around Balikpapan. He was young but yet seemed to be unsettled. So there I was, facing an experienced freshy. It’s OK to be unexperienced, but unprepared? Or maybe he never asked himself what to prepare before an interview.

I asked “how do you see yourself in ten years?” and I was expecting an answer to be as vivid as possible. That question was, and is still so important to know where are these guys going, what are their ambition thus what can my Company do to help them in that way. And he was just kept silent and smile… WRONG!

To know where do we want to go is one way to reach our success, it leads our energy, time, thoughts, effort, and focus to a line that brings us to the light at the end of the tunnel. “If you don’t know where you’re goin, any way will take you there” remember? or it should be rephrase as “…will take you NO where.”

So, here are some questions:

1. How do I see myself in ten years? (Make it as detailed as possible, the things you have, how do you look, where are you going to be, what are you going to do, play it real)

2. What are the things that I do that I enjoy the most? And others have appreciated me doing it too.

3. What are the small steps that I can take day to day to sharpen my craft?



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