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The Search #3 (100 Most Influential People 2011, Time Magz)

23 Apr

Well, Instead of reading of what am i supposed to read (research journals related to my final project), i read that. The top 100 most influential people in the world, Time Magazine edition. I saw the list, cool, and I wanna read them one by one. I didn’t really knew each of them, what are they doing that they could make their name to be influential, how they changed the world.

Doesn’t matter, I love reading stories. The story about people’s struggle, their challenges, their strategy, their avenue, bloods and tears, coalitions, and their accomplishment. Yes, I did spent my time reading each of them (until this point, not all of ’em yet).

There are several similarities between them. Well, that what is taught to me to live a better world, to find similarities instead of differences.It is the way to resolve conflict also, and it will not hurt anyone to find similarities. It is usually more subtle, because deep inside, in fact, we’re all the same, and that believe, common ground, is what served me well to go through any struggle (even though there are some fight that not worth to fight for).

One, they’re giving. Yes, you hear me right, they made themselves got into that list not by overarching individual goals, it’s what they have given to the world, and what are they capable of doing in the future for the better world. I know, Justin Bieber (I read this one superbly fast) and Bruno Mars are also in that list. I’m not a fan, but hey, to be objective here, they made their way to the top, it means some people like them, some people changed and benefited by their service. People are appreciated for what they have given, not by what they have accepted.

Two, determination to use what they have. I’m not merely talking about money, wealth, fame, nor political power only. I’m talking about burning soul, they use their time effectively to reach out their dream, to make phone calls, strengthen their connection with the people who have the same dream (see Matt Damon). One thing, luck does come to the people who are ready, and opportunity often comes from someone who believe in us. It is also important to enrich the alternatives, sometimes, we never really know what we can do until someone empowered us to do so, to overlap our own limitation. Do they work hard? Yes, in their own way, and I do believe, it’s not what they call ‘work’. I do believe they enjoy what they do, they’re simply reaching out their dream.

Three, They’re brave enough to defy, yet balance enough to keep other talents stick around them. We have to admit that there are several values that we need to leave behind.  Not because it’s old and not relevant anymore, but because it’s tested to be wrong, not efficient, and not significant for the sustainable development of the world. To defy these traditions, one need’s to brave enough and having a strong ground on their feet, to have an unshakeable believe that the other virtues (it may have the same age though) are the real truth, more efficient, and more sustainable. The traditionalist may be the closest people to our live, our parents, our spouse, our community. However, instead of looking at them as threats, these people think positively to seeing them as opportunities, to check the sidelines, to be creative in their own way.

The bravery to defy traditionalist, the determination to use what they have, and the compassionate soul to the world are the virtues that I see that took them to the list. Is it impossible for us? The commoners? No, we have the right to choose our path, I do believe that. I do believe in God also, that He has his hands involved in this world. What I wanna say is simply ‘that list is not the goal, but to make a better world is’.