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23 Feb

Here are several videos that I have done recently for several special occasions and persons. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

Airwyn Ernisya that I mentioned on the videos is truly one special person in my life. Even today She was just doing something that I know remarkable in my life, and I will never stop appreciating that. She’s the one that I would be so moron if I ever let her go out of my life. Deep within my soul, I know THIS IS THE END OF MY SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT ONE!


So This is Goodbye…

22 Sep

The thing never now, were you (unintelligible)
You’re gone and I won’t see you anymore
You left my love on the run
And said that you were leaving
And you won’t come home again (x2)

And I’ll miss you like you’re dead
But I never got to grieve you
Cause I saw you
In the arms of someone else

So your phantom follows me
Like a child would his mother
Or a lover who never said goodbye
It’s only saying goodbye

And I cry myself to sleep
And you thought I was happy
I was lonely
Had nowhere to go

And I heard that you moved on
Found a brand new family
And changed your married name
And everything has changed

And I’ll miss you like you’re dead
And find a way to grieve you
Cause I need to
Try and start again

And your ghost will have to leave
Like a child would his mother
Or a lover
Who has to say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say good good good

This song sounds so dark, especially with the remix and the hurt that impeded in the lyric that make me close my eyes and suddenly see myself in the blatant darkness of misery. This is when we accept and embrace the past “so your phantom follows me“, God damn I cant imagine how hurt this guy was. 

First Draft: Done!!!

7 Jun

One month and ten minutes. Eventually, days after days, waking up untill 3-4 o’clock in the morning, doing these papers (not THAT doing!), compiling it up, paraphrasing, analyzing, trying to make connections, and the most boring job on earth: REFERENCING!!! finally done! I feel relieved. Is it satisfying? for the first hours, yes, but now? I don’t really know what I’m gonna do. And I know, research is not my strength, my ass is not meant to be seated in front of laptop or any machines all day long, and get some money from that.

One said, that greatest dreamer’s dreams never fulfilled, it’s always transcended, it never stops. It’s never ending pursuit, rooted from the thirst of a better life, not for himself, but to see his basic loftier ambition of leaving a good legacy for other human being. For the people he loves, family, friends, and community.

I did one thing anyway, after I’ve done my first draft, which made me feel good for any longer than that one month and ten minutes of struggle, this: Seashore!

For now on, Fete de La Musique is around the corner, gotta be prepared for that. I’m thinking of using the dubstep to cover my rythm section since we dont have any drummer for any moment, much limitations on that I realized, indeed. For the end of this week, DiGi leaps coming. And right after 19th (FDLM 2011), is the time to go to meet the challenge!

I’m planning to go to Perlis, on foot, or maybe on bicycle. Lets see if I can get any lender. The mission is to understand the real culture of Malaysia during the trip, to enter the realm of South East Asian wisdom, Chinese, Indians, and Melayu are here, what can I expect more? To alleviate the discriminations (what kind of moron who are still discriminative nowadays, we’re not living in the traditional monarch world anymore. To strengthen Indonesia-Malaysia relationship. Preparation: GPS (which is tested to be not too accurate), reading materials, camera (maybe I’ll post some vlog on youtube during the trip), some clothes, toiletries and a laptop.

The Search #4 (Finale: The Psychological Characteristic of Peak Performance on Musicians)

5 May

Eventually, I found it. That will be the title of my final project paper, and hopefully it will help me to understand better about the world, the world about creative minds, the world about the immersion of thinking and feeling into the unity of lyrics, sounds, and progressions, the world of music.

I thought i would just dig in the imagery process in musicians, however, it’s gonna be hard for subjects to understands my questions later if I had to interview them, however, I’m afraid it’s gonna be too restricting for me to enlarge and compose more writing and reach more than 8000 words.

There are several problems:

1. How am i supposed to define elite musicians? and compare it to the novice? Will it be by the skills? If so, how do I know, do I have to go to music school and ask them to suggest some for me? Or will it be by the accomplishment they have made, like albums released, or the number of RBT sold, or the number  and level of concerts in a month?

2. There are only a little numbers of references in psychology of peak performance on music in the resource that I can get access from. I have several journals on my reference that should be able to retrieved right after, but where the access? Can I use other resources such popular news? Rolling Stone interviews? Youtube videos? New paradigm of research should be able to embrace the development of media and technology right?

3. I haven’t met my  lecture and I clicked the subject already, which means I only have less than three months in order to finish this project.

Well, Steve (Aerosmith) said that we should take risks, true, there’s no advancement without any movement, and risks are inherited in every movement we’ve made. We’ll never hit a target if we don’t shoot at all right? Marthin Luther King Jr. also said that we need to move, being idle wont give us anything. Here I am, moving and taking risks in the realm of unknown and uncertainty.

Seeing is believing, think positively!

The Search #1 (Imagery)

19 Apr

Imagery is defined as mental ability to re-create or create intended experience in one mind. This skill is used to enhance the performance of sport performers. Research indicates, when one’s engaged in imagery, brain interprets these images as identical to the actual stimulus situation. The power of imagery allows athletes to practice their physical tactics and strategy in their mind, and improve their performance without being involved in physical competitive environment.

The question is, if this mental skill is related to sport, what is the probability of using this mental rehearsal to skills that are related to managerial psychology? To business? To organizational behavior? Mostly the things that I studied in Managerial psychology are related to critical thinking, creative thinking, finding solutions, using analytical tools, understanding the logic behind the theories, and compare it to the reality, subtle things instead of physical exercises.

OK, maybe not around things that I study, what about around things that I’m interested in? Photography, music, design?

I think it will be great to find the similarity within things that I’m interested in and things that I have studied. There must be certain traits, attitudes, ethos (schema), and skills that are related to one another. What about reading skills? recently i realize that I have just a medium level of reading speed, and sometimes I have to go back and forth in my reading in order to understand what am i reading, it’s a skill though, that will probably useful for comprehending information.

Speaking skills sound interesting also, as research said, most people are afraid to do public speaking. Well, me too, especially when I have to do it not in my mother tongue, and in front of the people that I think will be able to jeopardize my future. It is not an easy job, even when we have rehearsed the speech many times before. Things can go beyond control, and nervousness will take control of ourselves, right?

Other things? What about in relationship? Or in leadership? I just read one article in HBR, interesting, the third point: the ability to turn enemies into allies, from competitive to cooperative. Creating a win win solutions, instead of stuck into sub-zero activities. The sample was forced to understand the one so-called ‘enemy’ since she was sat next to him on the place and eventually it turned out to be good for both party. It was suggesting more proactive approach to do this transformation.

So: imagery in reading? speaking? or turning enemies into allies? The last one was a bit abroad, and probably my consultancy tomorrow will bring a bright light for the project paper direction. Well, If I had to do some experiment, and putting people into the imagery training, I dont think I wanna do it, it takes time and money, I’m sure three months wont be enough unless I got a team on it.

Well, my imagery aint about playing flying-v I think, more to Strato or DC-3..hhahahaha!!!


Album Review: OASIS (Dig Out Your Soul)

21 Feb

Nice opening by ‘The Shock of The Lightning’, strong and firm rythm (as almost brit band has this criteria) and the riff are so head-shaking. I heard this song first time on the new Jaguar commercial a few months ago as a theme song, fits perfectly, nice power, btw, I don’t even listen to the lyric carefully (I listen to it three times in a row), fooled by the rythm.

“I’m Outta Time” opened by nice minor melody, I can imagine what’s this song all about. I got the lyric by listening now. At the bridge I can feel the upscale of power, indicates the enter of superlative reff, which is not there, the bridge is the reff, a lil bit dissappointment. “you know it’s getting hard to fly” damn right as the effect of aging. To go where you belong and I’m outta time in sequence depicts the sadness of the song. Strong identityof the song.

High Horse Lady, again opened by strong rythm, however, it’s more traditional. Firm identity of british dance pictured in the back of my eyes, the weird part is, some blues scale that in a weird way fits in perfectly to the song. Yeaahh!!! It shakes my body, if anyone wants to shake the crowd, this is the right song. Get up you horse lady, ‘I don’t need a ride tonight’ means the ego of a independent man clouds the thinking of our species.

Falling Down, this song has something that I like most, the sound of acoustic guitar. I heard the wet long reverb which is usually only we got from the live music. Again, compilation within the strong tempo with dark melody of brit, anddd a lil bit middle east melody as the interlude. “Please don’t waste my time” pictures another side of assertivity in the song.

It’s an indian instrumen at the beginning of “To Be Where There’s Life” and upscaling immediately at the end of first verse, They don’t wanna wait for you to shake your body, the song of outta patience. “Let me save you” Owwh..this album is so masculine. The showoff agent of Men gender old paradigm.

Nice opening by the eldritch sound of guitar drive, epiphone I guess, which is outta Brit main stream honking guitar sound. One more time, outta patience to get in to tha part where audiences waitin for. Short song, my opinion is it’d be great to be situated at the end of the album.

Rock n Rooooollll for the next song, “The Nature of Reality”, another song about life. Beautiful distortion in a great riff, hopefully this will be at the guitar hero’s list, for the amateur like me maybe. Wooahh…a melody, catchy sequenced by another peculiar style of Oasis, sharp vocal and reverb.

“Soldier On” intro communicate the dark side of Oasis. Reverb and shadowing in a sharp vocal and a careful strummed guitar in a stable tempo make this song a lil bit boring, let’s just skip it.

“Bag It Up” brings us back to the rock n roll era, followed by the genius minor riff at the end of riff, anndd bridge also. The lyric is about the greed of human. Which burns us to hell. “Someone tell me I’m dreaming” depicts the opposite way, it takes subjective point of view to understand this, let the song bring your understanding yourselves. Owh, another phrygian scale at the closing part of the song.

Now, “The Turning” introed by powerful hit on the drum, followed by the smooth sound of piano. Nice song to ride along the city in the weekend by yourself in the car, shaking yourhead like a crazy. Another intellegence creature of Oasis imaging the negative disclosure and changing theme in a big scale of life. I love the melody, the peak point, lift the song to another level of tactile sensation.

“Waitin for The Rapture” woohooo…this album is sooo rock n roolll…Masculine, and the impatience of waiting. I’m wondering this is the mirror of stressful situation in every band’s personal life. Strong drive in a bridge followed by “i’m dyyyiiing”. That’s the closing of the album. A lil bit bitterer to catch as I can hear the desperation of waiting, impatience and arrogancy of men in almost every single compared to the previous album. My favorite, “The Shock of The Lightning”, “Ain’t Got NOthin” and “The Turning”.

Billie Jean in guitar..(Adam Raffer)!!!

13 Feb

Billie Jeans’s best version ever