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How mad we are…

21 Sep

Every single of us, falls on the spectrum of insanity in which we have a lil bit madness… Some of us are obsessed with drugs, sex, controls, foods, games, relationships, security, you name it. Others are banging their heads on the wall, some other close their eyes on the trance-music and got high just in the snap of fingers.

We all have our own dark side, none of us have the right to say that we are the right human being for other to be followed and inspired of. We put our ‘moral’ mask when we go out of our door to be accepted by our societies, wherever we are. We put the walls around us to avoid being observed by the police of moral that will judge us by our appearance, the way we walk, the way we talk, or even fire that comes trough our eyes, no matter how saturated or vivid it is.

Life is a miracle and a mystery at the same time. You’ll never know what’s inside the head of your loved ones, you can never judge the farmer of yourself until their slaughter you and at that time, it’s already too late to avoid the devastation that happened, name it physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

So maybe this is the time for us to appreciate the silent and stillness, to think peacefully of where we are, where are we going, who are our true friends on the thin and thick, or maybe just to savor the element of silent and stillness that is referred as oasis in this frenetic pace of our world today.


The Search #4 (Finale: The Psychological Characteristic of Peak Performance on Musicians)

5 May

Eventually, I found it. That will be the title of my final project paper, and hopefully it will help me to understand better about the world, the world about creative minds, the world about the immersion of thinking and feeling into the unity of lyrics, sounds, and progressions, the world of music.

I thought i would just dig in the imagery process in musicians, however, it’s gonna be hard for subjects to understands my questions later if I had to interview them, however, I’m afraid it’s gonna be too restricting for me to enlarge and compose more writing and reach more than 8000 words.

There are several problems:

1. How am i supposed to define elite musicians? and compare it to the novice? Will it be by the skills? If so, how do I know, do I have to go to music school and ask them to suggest some for me? Or will it be by the accomplishment they have made, like albums released, or the number of RBT sold, or the number  and level of concerts in a month?

2. There are only a little numbers of references in psychology of peak performance on music in the resource that I can get access from. I have several journals on my reference that should be able to retrieved right after, but where the access? Can I use other resources such popular news? Rolling Stone interviews? Youtube videos? New paradigm of research should be able to embrace the development of media and technology right?

3. I haven’t met my  lecture and I clicked the subject already, which means I only have less than three months in order to finish this project.

Well, Steve (Aerosmith) said that we should take risks, true, there’s no advancement without any movement, and risks are inherited in every movement we’ve made. We’ll never hit a target if we don’t shoot at all right? Marthin Luther King Jr. also said that we need to move, being idle wont give us anything. Here I am, moving and taking risks in the realm of unknown and uncertainty.

Seeing is believing, think positively!

The Search #3 (100 Most Influential People 2011, Time Magz)

23 Apr

Well, Instead of reading of what am i supposed to read (research journals related to my final project), i read that. The top 100 most influential people in the world, Time Magazine edition. I saw the list, cool, and I wanna read them one by one. I didn’t really knew each of them, what are they doing that they could make their name to be influential, how they changed the world.

Doesn’t matter, I love reading stories. The story about people’s struggle, their challenges, their strategy, their avenue, bloods and tears, coalitions, and their accomplishment. Yes, I did spent my time reading each of them (until this point, not all of ’em yet).

There are several similarities between them. Well, that what is taught to me to live a better world, to find similarities instead of differences.It is the way to resolve conflict also, and it will not hurt anyone to find similarities. It is usually more subtle, because deep inside, in fact, we’re all the same, and that believe, common ground, is what served me well to go through any struggle (even though there are some fight that not worth to fight for).

One, they’re giving. Yes, you hear me right, they made themselves got into that list not by overarching individual goals, it’s what they have given to the world, and what are they capable of doing in the future for the better world. I know, Justin Bieber (I read this one superbly fast) and Bruno Mars are also in that list. I’m not a fan, but hey, to be objective here, they made their way to the top, it means some people like them, some people changed and benefited by their service. People are appreciated for what they have given, not by what they have accepted.

Two, determination to use what they have. I’m not merely talking about money, wealth, fame, nor political power only. I’m talking about burning soul, they use their time effectively to reach out their dream, to make phone calls, strengthen their connection with the people who have the same dream (see Matt Damon). One thing, luck does come to the people who are ready, and opportunity often comes from someone who believe in us. It is also important to enrich the alternatives, sometimes, we never really know what we can do until someone empowered us to do so, to overlap our own limitation. Do they work hard? Yes, in their own way, and I do believe, it’s not what they call ‘work’. I do believe they enjoy what they do, they’re simply reaching out their dream.

Three, They’re brave enough to defy, yet balance enough to keep other talents stick around them. We have to admit that there are several values that we need to leave behind.  Not because it’s old and not relevant anymore, but because it’s tested to be wrong, not efficient, and not significant for the sustainable development of the world. To defy these traditions, one need’s to brave enough and having a strong ground on their feet, to have an unshakeable believe that the other virtues (it may have the same age though) are the real truth, more efficient, and more sustainable. The traditionalist may be the closest people to our live, our parents, our spouse, our community. However, instead of looking at them as threats, these people think positively to seeing them as opportunities, to check the sidelines, to be creative in their own way.

The bravery to defy traditionalist, the determination to use what they have, and the compassionate soul to the world are the virtues that I see that took them to the list. Is it impossible for us? The commoners? No, we have the right to choose our path, I do believe that. I do believe in God also, that He has his hands involved in this world. What I wanna say is simply ‘that list is not the goal, but to make a better world is’.


The Search #2 (Social Media Effect)

20 Apr

I used to be involved in building e-marketing material. Which I didn’t really like, somehow it didn’t feel like real marketing effort, and I doubt the power of it. I saw the statistic, well, tons of companies out there are also reaching out their consumers throughout the same new media though. And to build one site, if u’r not really differentiate yourself, aint an easy thing. The fact, I’ve been trying to sell my recording stuff, and it aint sold until this post written.

One interesting research that I saw today, from dating site. That people who are regularly twitting are having less longer relationship compared to ‘other’ people. There was no hypothesis made and further research to empirically prove it. There is no evident, whether ‘twittari’ are more annoying, or they’re just more flighty than everybody else. Is this due to the shift of trust? Or They just got lots of misleading information through twitter and follow it? Or they just more enjoying their time looking at the timeline instead of going out and talk with family and friends?

Interesting, maybe I can relate this topic to my project paper. The research could be done through the same platform: twitter and facebook, or maybe blogs.

The Search #1 (Imagery)

19 Apr

Imagery is defined as mental ability to re-create or create intended experience in one mind. This skill is used to enhance the performance of sport performers. Research indicates, when one’s engaged in imagery, brain interprets these images as identical to the actual stimulus situation. The power of imagery allows athletes to practice their physical tactics and strategy in their mind, and improve their performance without being involved in physical competitive environment.

The question is, if this mental skill is related to sport, what is the probability of using this mental rehearsal to skills that are related to managerial psychology? To business? To organizational behavior? Mostly the things that I studied in Managerial psychology are related to critical thinking, creative thinking, finding solutions, using analytical tools, understanding the logic behind the theories, and compare it to the reality, subtle things instead of physical exercises.

OK, maybe not around things that I study, what about around things that I’m interested in? Photography, music, design?

I think it will be great to find the similarity within things that I’m interested in and things that I have studied. There must be certain traits, attitudes, ethos (schema), and skills that are related to one another. What about reading skills? recently i realize that I have just a medium level of reading speed, and sometimes I have to go back and forth in my reading in order to understand what am i reading, it’s a skill though, that will probably useful for comprehending information.

Speaking skills sound interesting also, as research said, most people are afraid to do public speaking. Well, me too, especially when I have to do it not in my mother tongue, and in front of the people that I think will be able to jeopardize my future. It is not an easy job, even when we have rehearsed the speech many times before. Things can go beyond control, and nervousness will take control of ourselves, right?

Other things? What about in relationship? Or in leadership? I just read one article in HBR, interesting, the third point: the ability to turn enemies into allies, from competitive to cooperative. Creating a win win solutions, instead of stuck into sub-zero activities. The sample was forced to understand the one so-called ‘enemy’ since she was sat next to him on the place and eventually it turned out to be good for both party. It was suggesting more proactive approach to do this transformation.

So: imagery in reading? speaking? or turning enemies into allies? The last one was a bit abroad, and probably my consultancy tomorrow will bring a bright light for the project paper direction. Well, If I had to do some experiment, and putting people into the imagery training, I dont think I wanna do it, it takes time and money, I’m sure three months wont be enough unless I got a team on it.

Well, my imagery aint about playing flying-v I think, more to Strato or DC-3..hhahahaha!!!


92 Videos’ Lesson: Arcane Solutions Internship

31 Mar

First, I went there without strong reference about Arcane Solutions, for you guys and gals that are going to get an interview, please, do your homework! I was just lucky. I accepted, and I did it for three and a half months.

Got several works and responsibilities out there, many actually. Lesson two: do not expose your skills and knowledge too much in the interview. It’s good to sell yourself, but not that good if you wanted to lay back in your work.

OK, here’s the kicker, I got to compress 92 raw material of videos to one presentable videos, in three days. You’re gonna have to check the raw materials, choose the goods, arrange it, cut and clean it up, plug in the appropriate song, check the timing of the beats, and render it up! I couldn’t choose the storyline, I couldn’t just edit and plug in the song, and i couldn’t direct the cameramen, since it was all done already.

The lesson: 1st, It’s exhausting for sure, biase. 2nd, it’s inspiring: maybe you don’t know the background, but my boss and his boss were doing their things too, they were staying up late, more than me. OK, I’m not a hard-worker, I admit that, that’s why I respect the way they do their job. Additionally, please notice that they’re only two years (my boss) and four years (big boss) older than me. So it’s not an age gap, it’s experiences gap. We need someone as our examples, to inspire (by their action), to drown us in the culture.  Third: it’s fun, and I love doing it.

OK, let’s jump. I just finished it all today: the internship. It’s been an awesome time, I really have nothing to complain about, especially bout the relationship and the environment. It was just the work: research, I’m not really into it.

Next to-do list:

1. Let’s see, maybe writing “30 seconds reading” at the blogspot

2. Do more music videos, and try get more live concerts

3. Try to write more songs

4. Ask around about the project paper, and keep the momentum on

5. Contemplate about the theme on project paper

6. Finishing the prospectus for Arcane Solutions

7. Helping the next intern to grasp the direction and close any holes I left at the paper

Hmm, that’s all for now. After I see it, quite a lot..hhahhaa, what the heck, I’ll do what I like to do!

Again, Alvin Shah and Sharma Lachu, you guys my best bosses ever!



3 Mar

First, I’m accepted as interns in Leaderonomics, Thanks to my Boss, Adzfar Aziz for bringing me in. This is the new opportunity and challenge for me to prove myself to the world.

My first Job is to compile some article published in The Star, some newspaper, in Malay written by our big boss, Roshan. He’s a stellar.

I read some of his writing. This line draws my attention:

When memories exceed dreams, the end is near.

Our memory are based our experiences in the past, the feeling, chronological sequence details. Everything that happened in the past, are forming the way we see ourselves. The success and failures, sad and happiness, fly and fall, anything. However I still believe the point of view that our personality are inherited. However, there’s nothing but persistence that makes one a stellar, nothing more.

Our dreams is what are we going to achieve in the future, what do we want to see ourselves as in the next ten, fifteen, or fifty years. To be honest, when I was asked what I wanna be in the future, I’m a bit confused, since I don’t have so many dreams. However, it stretches me to think about it deeper. This is my vision, to make this world a better place to live, in my own way.

As I said in the prior post, we need to moving and create the war to get out of our situation. I don’t mean a literal war for sure (damn, I hate war!!). What I mean is we need to keep trying instead of being default. No musician are famous for being silent, they scream, whisper, and tell the world the reality in their own way. Every success starts from a dream, struggle, and execution. When we stuck in the past, I don’t mean just in regret, but also pride, we clog our way to keep moving.

The world’s keep changing, why don’t we make ourselves as the trigger of the change?

“People are awarded for what they gave to the world, not for what they receive.” (Anonymous)

When memories exceed dreams, the end is near.