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23 Feb

Here are several videos that I have done recently for several special occasions and persons. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

Airwyn Ernisya that I mentioned on the videos is truly one special person in my life. Even today She was just doing something that I know remarkable in my life, and I will never stop appreciating that. She’s the one that I would be so moron if I ever let her go out of my life. Deep within my soul, I know THIS IS THE END OF MY SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT ONE!


Check Jamie!

20 Mar

This guy is superbly passionate about his things.

He cares, he has an expertise, and he used it to build his empire, cooking empire.

I have to admit, I admire people who are doing what they love to do, and having a firm believe on themselves, and at the end, they’re able to reach the level where they can share what they believe to the world, it’s TED people! And He’s awarded.

“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding, and it is not to be found in foreign land, but in the heart itself”

Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish Author.

The thing versus people

19 Feb

Let me highlight the point of people versus thing in this lecture. I like that so much, since almost everyday we see people appreciate their things more than the value of people. Some people just don’t see the value of birthday present, the value of giving to stranger, the value of being honest when the waiter gives you the price below something you should pay. Lets see from the point of transactional theory, the cost that we invest in people will be return in a way or another in a form of trust, confidence, altruism, karma. You cannot go beyond yourself untill you do something for giving instead of solely achieving, at least that what I feel. That what I felt when I met her, untill now.

We r The World, video for Haiti

16 Feb