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Three Soaring Hints for My 1000+ Previous Employer

18 Jan

I worked at a forestry, pulp and paper Company back in Kalimantan for the past two years, well; almost two years as a recruiter. It has taught me many lessons. So, I think this is the payback.

The Company has 1000+ employees and counting. They have the SAP system in place for accounting and payroll and several others that I dont know. SAP is not adapted by the recruiter for an obvious reason, the excel sheet I built was more effective and less time-consuming for our processes. The team I built was more adaptable to the politics and company’s culture.

Here are a couple suggestions to all of HR members:

1. Candor Communication

The Company is living in a delusion of Industrial era, where top-down bureaucracies are in place, layer after layer slow down the execution. Information does not flow freely, it is as if employees will be intoxicated by managerial decision’s exposure. They will only be informed when it comes to their line to execute, so no one actually is fully informed where this Company is heading and their contribution to the bottom line. Even if there is a full line of managerial policy, all came from mere rumor and gossip.

As a recruiter, I think it is the best if our team has the manpower planning for the whole year, how many acres we are going to open, how many heavy equipment are about to be bought, thus we can calculate the need of surveyors, planters, operators, mechanics, supervisors, etc,. Thus, we do not have to go back and forth to their line manager just to clarify their Human Capital Requisition Form in which I think redundant if the Manpower Planning already exists.

Another point to be communicated is a standardized SOP. In my line there is no clear standard of hiring processes, or human capital request processes, those were established about a year ago and laid abandoned by the manager. Two candidates from the same city with the same access for internet and phone can accept two different screening processes. Some HCRF needs a clear and signed organizational structure while another does not. Every one in the HR needs to understand the standard and its reason, or other department will demean our process once and for all.

2. Expect Progress

Our HR is not living in a linear world, where surprises is always good, We are used to expect an unpleasant updates, such a push on hiring this manager (without apparent reason), or a request to take care of a manager’s claims (without complete documents). However, time to time it was always like fire fighting. No one is taking a step back and build their capability to execute faster, better, more organized, and more responsible. So, please look at a bigger picture, take down unnecessary bureaucracies, thank me later.

Some bureaucracies are needed, and technologies are available to manage and execute them better. The Company (or the managers) are too rigid and hesitant to take risks to adapt some of the technological development available in the market. the only harm is not to change.

3. Remunerate Properly

As mentioned before, there is no single standard policy including remuneration process. There are considerations on education, experience, job description and environment, and standard on previous employees, but… a Master’s Degree holder is paid less than a Non-Finished Undergraduate Degree. In my assumption, they are not taking an interest in keeping their best talents seriously, best politically correct decision? Yes, keeping best talents? No.

My suggestion, do your best to make a standardize remuneration policy, a less red-taped one. Take into consideration the differences between experience and seniority, please read more about that. I understand hiring process can be confusing, one candidate with silver tongue can beat an experienced one. A manager with previous bad experience of hiring a rich kid can overgeneralize his decision towards others talented rich kid.


4. Have Fun!

This may be counter intuitive, but once fun in place, once you have created a safe haven for people to be happy, you are looking at employees who are about to perform their best, willing to stay over night for a work, promoting your Company to other candidates (so recruiter has an easier job to attract best talents), and of course making sure that Company’s business is making profit.

This posting may or may not be read by them, but I hope this can be a learning curve to other organizational and industrial psychologist practitioners out there, in whatever role you are. Keep moving forward to get your ass to that board meeting room.