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The Questions #3

11 Oct

How did you go on yesterday’s questions? Feeling any better? Yesterday’s question was actually based on happiness theory, that if you can grab happiness here and now, the decision is yours. Based on Anik’s work on HBR (Anik, L. and friends, HBS. 2012) that the more you give the happier you are. The more you’re being grateful of what you have the happier you are, and the more you learn the more you feel better about yourself (that you don’t lose your ability to learn yet of course).

For today let’s dig more about learning and self-development.

1. What can I improve about my craft today? How to get better, faster, bigger, more unique, more accurate, etc,.?

2. What information can I teach to others that improves their life?

3. Have I been humble enough to believe that I can learn at least one thing from everyone?