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The Questions #2

10 Oct

So how was yesterday, how did you show your love? How did you encourage others? What did you remember about yesterday?

Maybe you start asking why do we really have to ask those question to ourselves. Life is just too short not to show the first question on our list. Many people have regretted their last meeting to the people they love simply because of that. I understand that we are only human, we make mistakes, we are over our limit, we are raging sometimes. However, please remember that we love those people and we simply do not know everything they are thinking.

As we love people, we want them to do more good than harm to ourselves and others. Admit it, nobody wants to be the real bad guy, the motives are always lie behind economical –> family. Not to forget there is some personal glory, but hey do you want to be remember as a dad that sold drugs? Do you want to be remembered as a friend that lurk other to the dark valley? Do you want to be on the newspaper with your hand cuffed and head down? As we do more encouragement to others to do good, we actually remind ourselves to do the same.

I have read once that good memories are created. We plan for it, it doesn’t just happened like that. Simply do our part. I was planning my weekend with my girlfriend about a year ago. She took an effort to create a good memory by cooking at the house, I remember the food, I remember the warmth feeling at that moment, and I love her for her creativity. Remember, it only take us a short moments of our life to do the planning, to think of something different, to create memories. Try and see the effect on others.

OK, here is the second batch:

1. What do I appreciate about my life this morning?

2. What can I do to give some hope to others today?

3. How can I learn from others today?



The Questions #1

9 Oct

I’ve been thinking that all this while my effort of applying for jobs at the neighbored Country doesn’t seem to be fruitful.  This, in fact is another way for me to get there.

I once told my friend that many times, problem occurred not because we could not get the solution, it simply because we were asking the wrong question. That friend asked again, what was the question? I said that it depends on the situation you are in.

So, here are a few question you can ask yourself this morning (retrieved from Ogilvy):

1. How can I show my love to those I love?

2. How can I encourage myself and others today?

3. What would I like to remember about today?

Proud to work now!

30 Aug

My boss is not here for a moment… shhtt!!! Hhaha, I’ve done my flowchart anyway. Arrghh… haven’t set any meeting with JTK (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) and JIM (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) for next week!!! Couldn’t get through their phone.. hufthh… Still waiting for Franco from his meeting, maybe on Tuesday. OK, confirmed.

Working in a big multinational company feels different. I used to work at small comnpanies, or subsidiary of a local company before. The challenges are different. This time my boss won’t let me fall asleep bored of the day, she keeps pushing instead, follow ups are at least twice a day.

Furthermore, I’m proud to be here. First job is to make a proposal reducing our working hours, done and cleared. The presentation should be around next month. Another one is to help her to recruit Indonesian as elevator installer, as the pool is smaller here [Indonesia has more than 250 Mill of people, of course we have a bigger pool, doesn’t mean a better one though].

It is the challenges, the push from my boss [straight reporting to Director], and of course the money that lured me further in, strengthen my committment to ensure I gain my knowledge, skill, and attitude capital. This boss from the beginning stated that I’m not here to be a clerk, entrying data, but to push myself further through challenging works.

People say we live in dualism, we need to see poor to claim what rich is, need to understand pain to appreciate pleasure, and need to experience evil to comprehend angel. Lemme tell you, the previous working experience, working 11 hours per day – 6 days a week was totally hell. As soon as my director said during interview that the working hour is about 9 hours per day, I felt relieve. Crunching my brain for 9 days, sitting in front of computer, talk to people, not a big deal. The problem is, there’s no such thing for your brain to get a long break.. “keep asking ‘what’s next’ to get this work done” is my boss’ punch line.

It’s like a pathlight now.. The paved way is visible, the direction is clear, but what are laid ahead.. mystery or miracle.. are within the unknown. Oh what the heck.. There is no use to worry too much about the future as the fear of something is always worse than the thing itself.. Those who failed to plan, plan to fail… Stay focus on necessary action.. and leave the world better than we found it.

Ciao…. 😀



13 Apr

Tonight I heard a comment from my girlfriend in the middle of our conversation that “I’m not matured yet”. My mind suddenly uttered something that I didn’t really think before with “It’s our decision to make, not time…just like praying or fasting, we may not like to do it, indeed we decide to do it”. To be honest, it was not the first time I heard such saying “I’m not matured yet”, “I want to enjoy my young age”, “This is my time to have fun”.

What I’m saying is there is nothing wrong with having fun, I encourage it to be involved in whatever we are doing instead. The problem occurs when “fun” becomes the end, and we attached to it. We are all responsible for whatever we are doing, even to the deepest level of thinking. What we enjoy as fun, could be a suffering for someone else, as what usually lame joke does and could be a problematic end to ourselves indeed.

Then what maturity is? Personally for me, it is not just to do more right things, it is the bravery and honesty to admit that many times we are being wrong and not to fall to the same pit twice. Matured parents are able to admit that their kids might have better information about things, matured couple are able to see relationship matters clearly without the feeling of unfair judgements, matured teachers are able to improve their teaching skills by letting students surprise them with what they got. Being wrong has no feeling, realizing that we were wrong has, and it takes maturity to get through that feeling with a winner mentality and see the problem as pure as it is.

Some of you might think that this has something to do with Grand Unified Theory of physics. Yes, you are correct. We are responsible for our thinking as it might be polluting the waves within our environment. Thus we need to be aware and guard what it is doing time to time. We need to stop and take a step back of our life, analyze, realize, decide to correct the things we have done wrong, and grateful for things we do right. If we feel we are heading to the wrong direction, admit it, and make a strong commitment to correct it, and the world will help. If we feel we are heading to the right direction, ask for more support as the Unmanifested is always in ourselves, listening.

Anxious Flux

10 Apr

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote in this blog ’bout something useful. I better ask myself what I have been doing for all those invisibility from here:

First: working, is obviously took most of my time. Editing videos, arranging events. Office hours: 9 to 6, yes 9 hours a day, what a workaholic country it is. I am realising the seconds passing by due to the bore! I have to take two hours travel to go to the office, and back. Yes, it is four hours in total. The reason: I have to survive, and I was believing at the promise that they’re going to hire me permanently, in this respective area.

Do I enjoy it? Now? Not really, I am trying to calm myself down day by day. I’m about to leave this job due to the reason that I have to be transferred if I wanted to stay in this company. In which I don’t want to, first: I’m going no where out of Malaysia; second: my value is dying here. When an organisation is pursuing no more than just being number one in the industry and nothing else, sorry guys but my dream is bigger than this.

I’ve been applying for jobs in some places and waiting for the calls for interview. Anxious? Sure there is. The time is getting tighter day by day. Am I happy? I can’t say no. I still have a lot to be grateful about. Now that I have time to write this is one of them.

Second: reading. I am still reading several books. The Power of Now by Eckhart Toole, and Leaders With No Title by Robin Sharma is the second one. I love those books, written beautifully with insights about life. I think it is one of the way for us to guard the garden of our mind, to keep it busy doing the right, even though sometimes boring things. Am I choosy with my reading materials? No, I basically read anything ranging from music to philosophy. Every word, contains wisdom that are too priceless to be left unread. I leave romance behind though. Prince and princess stories are too linear.

Third: playing music. This is obviously one of my best wasted time. I love spending time in front of tutorial videos, adding vocabularies to my playing. Choosing the licks I like, tasting the feeling of songs I love to sing. The feeling of loosing a sense of time out of normal routine. It is just lovely.

Fourth: leisure time, it is inclusive of dating and teaching guitar. Ouh yeah, I really do love the first one. To find someone who we really love and do love us back in probably bigger amount than what we have given into relationship is a bliss. Teaching guitar as sharing my small expertise is an opportunity for me to build a great future through somebody else. I’m passing my personal values along the way.

Those are my excuse, and now I am telling myself: NO MORE EXCUSES! If you want to reach your dream to be an inspiring writer: DO WRITE AHMAD NIQI FAUZAN!

Latest Videos

23 Feb

Here are several videos that I have done recently for several special occasions and persons. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

Airwyn Ernisya that I mentioned on the videos is truly one special person in my life. Even today She was just doing something that I know remarkable in my life, and I will never stop appreciating that. She’s the one that I would be so moron if I ever let her go out of my life. Deep within my soul, I know THIS IS THE END OF MY SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT ONE!

So This is Goodbye…

22 Sep

The thing never now, were you (unintelligible)
You’re gone and I won’t see you anymore
You left my love on the run
And said that you were leaving
And you won’t come home again (x2)

And I’ll miss you like you’re dead
But I never got to grieve you
Cause I saw you
In the arms of someone else

So your phantom follows me
Like a child would his mother
Or a lover who never said goodbye
It’s only saying goodbye

And I cry myself to sleep
And you thought I was happy
I was lonely
Had nowhere to go

And I heard that you moved on
Found a brand new family
And changed your married name
And everything has changed

And I’ll miss you like you’re dead
And find a way to grieve you
Cause I need to
Try and start again

And your ghost will have to leave
Like a child would his mother
Or a lover
Who has to say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say goodbye
It’s always say good good good

This song sounds so dark, especially with the remix and the hurt that impeded in the lyric that make me close my eyes and suddenly see myself in the blatant darkness of misery. This is when we accept and embrace the past “so your phantom follows me“, God damn I cant imagine how hurt this guy was.